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The Beginning and the Blog

I’ve learned a few things in my quest to be a better teacher. Clearly outlining the objective is a great educational practice which definitely applies to this blog:

Objective of this blog: The reader will… learn about the latest improvements to the site, and discover the great activities that work well in the Edufy format.

Ben, Will, and Kirk will give updates when we’ve implemented cool new features that the community has asked for, and I’ll share great activities that work well in our “find the pieces you need” approach. Here’s two I want to highlight:

  • Liz posted an activity to model the layers of the Earth with Interior of the Earth Foldable.
  • Dottie posted an exciting Observation vs Inference demo. It features the teacher eating a burning candle! This was a big hit on the NSTA listserv, so she posted it here too.

We can’t wait to have enough activities shared  (8/15?) so we can start to invite our colleagues before school starts. At that time, anything is possible. Imagine the power of 30,000 Earth Science teachers posting even one great idea.

A big thanks to Ben for setting up this blog, thanks to everyone helping out this summer, and thanks for helping to make great teaching easier.

Best wishes,


Meet the Edufy Team

Greetings! The Edufy Team warmly welcomes you to our official blog.  Many  of you already know Phil who is our fearless leader in this journey. As a teacher during the day, Phil isn’t just the expert in the problems we’re solving but the inspiration for our team. My name is Ben and I am focused on building a website that is second to none and transforms the way y0u teach. Rounding out our team is Kirk and Will, both of whom have spent the last decade developing various software based solutions for educators.

This summer is an exceptionally exciting time for us; in July we launched our new website in a private pilot to a group of dedicated volunteers. We are very grateful to all of our volunteers who are taking time out of their summer in  an effort to lead what we hope will be a revolution in how teaching happens.  As exciting and busy as this summer is going to be, we hope it is only the beginning of a very long journey. Follow us to hear exciting updates and learn how you can help transform the future of education.