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Back to School, Welcome Physics Friends

The team here at Edufy wants to wish all of you a happy back to school period and sincerely hope all of you are having a positive start to the school year.

We thank everyone who has been actively contributing over the summer months to build out our learning activities for Earth Sciences. We have well over 200 in just a few short months which is very exciting to our team. More recently you may have noticed some new activities being posted, activities that are less about the earth and it’s formation and more about how things interact with the earth in motion, space, and time. In recent weeks, we have invited our friends focused on Physics to join us in our adventure and begin contributing learning activities. We are just getting started but every step is a major one for our team and one we hope will be beneficial to all of you.

For those of you attending the NSTA conference in Baltimore, we look forward to meeting you to discuss how Edufy can be a more effective partner in improving education at the individual teacher-student interaction level.