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NSTA Baltimore- favorite comment “You are ∆ing the world!”

I want to share my excitement from the NSTA Baltimore conference. Talking with hundreds of teachers continued to confirm that “share activities, not lessons” is universally helpful. People get the concept. They are committed. They are getting others to join.

Our first ‘non-studio’ audience

Teachers that I talk with find it challenging to engage all levels and interests in their classroom, and they love this website. But would my peers have invested time if they didn’t know that this project was built by hardworking, honest people, who we built a great tool because we want to USE a great tool? Have our friends been using this simply as a favor? Or maybe most teachers LIKE using someone else’s big lesson. Maybe only 50 teachers worldwide think that good teaching is hard, and I happen to know all of them!!

With these thoughts in the back of my mind, I was overwhelmed that 7 of 10 teachers understood the “activities not lessons” concept within the first minute. Of the 400 teachers we talked to from elementary to college level, over half said not only did they like the tool, but they planned to USE the site in the next 2 weeks. The support was great. People wrote comments like “great idea”, “can’t wait to share”, and my favorite “You are ∆ing the world!” (Liz – that delta was super sciency, thanks!)

Sure “location, location, location” is important, but so it a helpful tool

So, despite the fact that our booth was on the furthest aisle, we still gave out 180 of our 250 website address cards in the first 5 hours, and had to give one card to groups of teachers. By Day 2 at 3pm, we ran out of the 120 blanks for “put your email here”, and gave out all the cards by 3pm. I consider that a success!

“This community of teachers is changing the world?”

Thinking back to Liz’s comment about changing the world, it would be silly to say that a website or a different approach of sharing the parts can have that effect. However, we DO have many great teachers now sharing and rating great activities, and teachers ARE a committed bunch. I feel confident that I, and many people, will soon say “This community of teachers at Edufy is making great teaching easier!”, and that’s good enough for me.

On behalf of the rest of the team – Ben, Kirk, and Cory – best wishes!



Conference Season – NSTA

It’s the fall and that means conference season!

First, we wanted to thank everyone who has been following us and being a part of our journey so far. This will be a short post as we’re all very eagerly preparing to meet and talk to you in person at the upcoming conferences.

In fact, today (Thursday Nov 11) our founder Phil Cooke is at the NSTA conference in Baltimore.  If you are going to be attending please stop by and say hello at our booth. Phil will also be presenting today and tomorrow. Join him to hear more about our exciting journey.

Session Title: Using Activity Blocks to Make Great Teaching Easier

–  Thursday 4pm in Room 339, Convention Center

– Friday 8am in in Room 339, Convention Center


Check back after the NSTA conference for highlights and news about upcoming conferences.