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Happy Holidays Friends

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – The Edufy team would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season. As we look to close out 2010 our team has been reflecting on the past few months and are tremendously grateful for all of your help and interest in moving our vision forward. We hope to continue to keep your interest and involvement as we plan for what should be a very exciting 2011. As you share your holidays with your friends and family we ask that you take a moment to further the Edufy vision and tell other educators about Edufy and ask them to join the community. Edufy is only as strong as all of you.

WHAT’S NEW –With only a few days left in 2010 we do have one more piece of exciting news to share as it relates to Edufy; we have just released a few changes to improve the overall experience based on feedback you gave us in the last few weeks and at the NSTA conference. Included in these is

  • Improving how content is created – a much more powerful Text Editor for inputing content and more importantly for importing content that exists today in a Microsoft (Word) format. You will notice the next time you log in a cleaner and hopefully more usable text editor.
  • Making activities more personal – our community is priority number 1, as such we want to showcase our most active participants and content contributors. You’ll see that when you view activities that the author will now be listed. Additionally you’ll have the option to click on their name to learn more about who they are. Many activities have been seeded by one of our founders, Phil Cooke but we sincerely hope this only serves as a start and many of you will start sharing your content as well!
  • Faster, Better – you may have noticed at times that there would be occasional lags when selecting activities or just navigating around our site. We are constantly working to speed this up and this latest update includes some improvements here. Generally you should enjoy a faster experience while moving around Edufy.

SEE YOU IN 2011 – Well that’s it for now. Again, we hope you are all as excited and impressed with what the Edufy community has accomplished in just a few short months. This is only the beginning so we encourage you all to enjoy your holidays and be ready to join us for the next phase in 2011.

– Ben and the Edufy Team