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Announcing the Edufy Ambassador Program

Edufy is making great progress but we need help from leaders like you. Content and the community of educators behind it is what makes Edufy valuable.  To this end we are launching the Edufy Ambassador program. We are looking to recruit a core set of leaders we’re calling the Edufy Ambassadors that will be the pioneers of the Edufy community and drive this idea forward.

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Support a fellow innovator!

Hi everyone – as we’ve continued to make great progress in our project we’ve come to meet many other great innovators in the community with the same mission to improve the classroom experience and transform education. One member of the community in particular we want to highlight is Dan Meyer who is applying for Apple’s Distinguished Educator program. Check out his blog and the post specifically about his application. His video is a great summary that speaks to just how powerful you, the individual educator are. Edufy merely hopes to provide you the means to amplify your work.