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We’re Back! Thanks San Francisco

The Edufy Team had a great time in San Francisco; thanks to everyone that made it a wonderful experience. We got some great ideas for how to continue improving Edufy for our users; YOU. Here is a short video from our trip – we hope you enjoy it. And afterwards, visit to see what’s new and more importantly, give us more ideas on great activities to share!


Springing Forward

Happy Spring Edufy-ers! We hope you are all enjoying the beginning to another great spring season which only means summer is around the corner.

Phil, our fearless leader had an amazing time meeting some of  you at the recent NSTA conference in San Francisco. We  made some fantastic connections and more importantly learned even more about how we can make Edufy better for you.  We are most excited though with how many people expressed interest in joining Edufy and expanding our community, which really is our most important asset. All our activities are shared by the community so the bigger and more diverse, the better the activities!.  As a testament to our growth we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just recently reached 200 Earth Science activities! We’re already working hard to build out Physics, Chemistry, Bio and Math so please don’t be shy and share!

Help expand Edufy – if you know of a colleague that would be interested please ask them to join (

Day 1 from NSTA San Francisco

It’s Phil! I’m back at the hotel after an exciting day at the Edufy booth were at the NSTA national conference in San Francisco, CA. I love to watch people’s faces when i say:

“We don’t share lesson plans, because what works for me won’t work for you, and vice versa. We share ACTIVITIES like engaging demos or something interesting for the early finishers to work on, and those are ALWAYS useful. No lesson can be well suited for all teachers and all students.”

I get these looks that say “I KNOW, right???” People are so hungry for something useful after years of frustration.  Picking the things that work, and hiding the things that don’t, seems to strike a chord with 9 out of 1o teachers… it’s rare when 9/10 teachers to agree on ANYTHING, outside of a pay increase or less paperwork!

Today, I wanted to let teachers explore the site, click and cruise how to filter out learning styles and grade levels. It’s tempting to pull in every teacher and show them the site because it’s so useful – I want everyone to have it. However, allowing people to explore deeply rather than just scratch the surface is more meaningful (reminds me of curriculum challenges!). Tomorrow, I’ll schedule time to create some activities tomorrow for the people who want to see the possibilities.

~15% of the 39 new users today teach earth sciences, which is great because they have lots of material to choose from immediately. The chem, elementary, and bio folks will need to be a bit patient until more teachers share great ideas.

i talked with one guy who was spending lots of money to get teachers paid days leave so they could share activities. I told him we’d be honored to have them share activities on our site, thus removing the need for them to

a) meet in person and spend all that money paying for sub teachers and

b) maintain an entire website.

I hope he will consider it – all this duplicated effort is really time consuming.

Lastly, it’s nice to see is that people will register even before I can tell them that will always be free for teachers, and we will never have annoying ads. I hope this means this solution more valuable than a teacher’s 2nd biggest shortage after time: money.

OK – I’m off to get a sandwich, and then get some rest. Cheers to all the teachers out there sharing activities and commenting – thanks for helping to make great teaching just a little bit easier.