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Exciting updates to the Edufy Site – Coming Soon

The Edufy team is excited to share with you some upcoming changes to the Edufy site. First and foremost, we will be launching a redesigned homepage that will make it easier to find information about the Edufy community while ensuring it is still enjoyable and equally easy to find great activities in just a few clicks. In addition to a new look, we are also introducing some new features based on feedback including Youtube integration, more powerful and intuitive filtering of results and generally better helptext throughout the site.

We have also created a new video that will be showcased on our new site demonstrating how Edufy is actually being used in a live classroom. Get a sneak peak!

Remember to register for an account to personalize your Edufy experience (saving favorites) and participate in the community (share activities, rate and comment on existing activities, and request new activities).




Sharing and requesting activities

Sharing and requesting

Teachers are not only sharing activities (Aliza from NJ shared great review activity for Newton’s laws while playing whiffle ball)…


…but are turning more frequently to the new “Request Activity” button because they know they get a quick response. Phyllis from OH asked for ideas on modeling the function of a virus and Edufy helped out – she was grateful for the quick reply and the good idea!

Listservs are built to share ideas, Edufy is built to share activities (not lessons)

I’m a member of list servs that are perfect for sharing thoughts, but we designed the Edufy format to solve common listserv compliants:
a) Edufy activities get tagged with learning style, duration, “like it” votes, and more so you instantly filter out the activities that aren’t needed. Emails lack those filters, so it takes precious time to read and decide what fits and what doesn’t.
b) Our library is a great archive, even if you just joined. New teachers just joining a listserv don’t have access to all the activities shared before they started teaching.

Solving YOUR Problem!

c) Edufy only sends messages when someone tries to solve YOUR problem. Listservs send too many messages that you don’t want, and no one likes a clogged inbox!

As the Edufy library of easy to find, easy to use activities grows, it’s nice to know that people are using this to request activities. Here, they last forever, and are easy to find because they get tagged as “hands on” or “15 minutes duration”.

Thanks for everyone out there sharing and using Edufy. Make sure to spread the word to other innovative teachers so the library can continue to grow.

Best wishes,