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Teach Love blog

Nicole Calderbank runs the blog “Teach Love“, where she shares things that she has discovered that help her in the classroom. This is collection of ideas that she has explored and implemented, many are for the elementary audience. If readers have had an experience using the topic she discusses, that reader can share whether this worked well for them at the end of their post. In my opinion, the action of voting and ranking online resources we find is the only way we can separate the cream from the crop. Ignoring new ideas won’t help us move forward, but trying to keep up with ALL of it would drive a person crazy!


Edufy at eduTecher

This week, Edufy showed up on the home page at – a website to help teachers decide which tech solutions will help them teacher better, and which ones won’t. It’s an honor to be included in their list. At eduTecher, teachers can navigate through the online resources available, find descriptions, and even watch videos that walk you through how to use the resources to help students achieve.

A visit to eduTecher provides other interesting tools like Android and iPhone apps to organize the waves of new resources available every day – which can be a full time job.

Enjoy the summer everyone, best wishes, and thanks again for helping to make great teaching easier!


Summertime, for relaxing, planning and reflecting

Hi everyone – we apologize for the slight radio silence but we have been busy at work taking a look at the feedback from all of you about how we can continue to serve you better in your mission to deliver great STEM education through activity based learning.

Relaxing We hope all of you have had some time to appreciate some well deserved rest and relaxation. Our team is busy enhancing our site for 2011-2012; look for exciting enhancements within the next few weeks!

Reflecting 2010-2011 was an amazing year for Edufy and the Edufy community and we can only thank all of you for that! We are anticipating some great things in the upcoming year but did want to take a moment to recognize our achievements – rather YOUR achievements. We want to hear from you about how your early experiences using Edufy content have impacted your classroom. Please email us at if you have a story to share – we will be selecting several to showcase on the main Edufy site!   Email us now with a short description of your experience and we will contact you if you are selected for the showcase!

Planning  Also, halfway through the summer, we know many of you may be starting to prepare for the next school year and we encourage you to reach out to us whenever you have ideas on how Edufy can improve. We stand ready!