Updates to Edufy – Tagging and Standards!

The Edufy team is excited to announce that we have just launched several new improvements and capabilities to Edufy based on feedback from the community. We are hopeful that these new features will help you successfully prepare for the upcoming school year. As always, please make your voice heard on how we can make Edufy better and more relevant to your classroom needs. Without further delay…

Improved support for Embedded Tables – you told us that some tables weren’t displaying properly in activities, many times stretching too wide across the page making the activity very difficult to view online and offline. In this release tables will self format so that they display optimally both online and when printed out for use in the classroom.

Standards Alignment – just the first step of many, we are introducing support for Standards alignment for Edufy activities. Providing this alignment empowers you to easily incorporate into your broader curriculum goals. In this release we have begun with the ability to align to Virginia State Standards with other states to come in the coming weeks and months. Standards alignments can be seen when viewing any individual activity. Look for Standards based searching in a future release!

Activity Tagging – our goal is make it very simple and intuitive to find the best, relevant activities for your needs. As hard as our team works to curate and classify the activities, it can never replace the power of the Edufy community. Our new tagging feature adds one more layer of classification and data to search against so that you can explore and discover activities on your own terms.

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