Edufy continues to grow

I hope the first weeks of school are off to a great start!

It’s always been my dream to have 50,000 teachers, sharing their greatest activities, all in one place. No links to long lists of other websites, no annoying ads, no out of date content, no 3 week lesson plans. Just a place to search for an activity, and get a short list of great ideas that could be used quickly and easily,

Unfortunately, that website didn’t exist. We needed to create it. Check!

A place for people to share ideas isn’t useful until lots of people start using the site. We need lots of teachers to tell lots friends about Edufy. CHECK!

Precious Time

Now, more teachers are visiting Edufy than ever. Good. That pace is continuing to accelerate. Great. But most importantly, dedicated teachers are registering at a faster and faster rate, to join in voting, commenting, and contributing great ideas.

Finally, teachers can invest more time in important tasks, because they can use Edufy to search for new ways to reach students instead of recreating the wheel. Best wishes to everyone,


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