Using Google Reader to keep up with blogs and current events

Using Google Reader to keep up with blogs

Blogs are a great way to include more current events in class discussions. They have provided me with a way to get the news I want, and leave out all the topics that can really waste my time!

It took me a while to learn how to incorporate reading blogs into my daily routine. I stopped thinking of blogs as websites, and started using Google Reader to make them seem like emails to my inbox to be read. This really helped me get into the habit.

Here’s how I started doing it so it makes sense to me:

  1. In the internet browser of choice, open a new tab and click-drag it to the tab next to your email
  2. Visit Google Reader and create an account, if you don’t already have one
  3. Find a blog that you want to read (I love Wired Science)
  4. Copy the url for that blog
  5. In Reader, click “Subscribe”, paste in the url of the blog, and click ‘Add’

Now that you are subscribed to a blog, Reader will indicate when you have new content waiting for you. Check out the picture to see what I see now (I use the Chrome browser):

  1. Tab 1 is my email box, showing how many unread emails I have
  2. Tab 2 is my Reader feed, showing any unread blog posts

I leave these tabs open all day long. If you haven’t yet tied blogs into your routines, I hope this gives you something to try!

Best wishes to everyone,


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