About the Edufy Project

Welcome to the official blog of Edufy – where we make great teaching easier. A main focus here is to keep this website clean and intuitive. We give you a way to quickly find a great activity to add to your lesson, based on what you know your students need. No cost, no ads, no user manual needed.

Three-clicks to better teaching:

1. Type your keyword and click ‘search’.
2. Use criteria like ‘learning style’, the 5E model, ‘grade’ to decide if it’s what you need BEFORE click it.
3. Hide the sections of the activity you don’t need , and click ‘Print’. That’s it!
You can also use checkboxes to filter your results.

Seems pretty basic. What else ya got???

There’s lots more! The every-day user experience is clean and fast. For users who want expanded functionality, we are developing new stuff all the time. Look for links that say “advanced options” to reveal everything this site can provide for you. In addition, your user profile will allow for more and more customization and preferences. If you don’t find what you need, let us know!

About the Edufy Team

Edufy was started by a science teacher who struggled during his first years to find activities to effectively engage all his students. Many teachers are having the same challenge – working very hard to create activities for all ability levels and student interests.

Teachers need a free service to share their greatest activities in this format, resulting in a global library of resources. It should be fast to pick from this library only the pieces we need, not an entire lesson that won’t fit the students or the pacing. After determining what their students need based on ability and learning style, teachers need to be able to choose appropriate activities related to the concept they are teaching from a list of ideas that other teachers love.

The science teacher got help from three friends with experience in the e-learning software industry to help him build a website that does this, without getting overly complicated. Using this website, teachers can create this library of high quality, peer-rated learning activities that can be filtered by ability, learning style, key word, and more.

Inspired by the traditional Share-a-thon, Edufy now uses the latest in web technology to enable teachers from anywhere in the world to pool together their expertise and develop an open and dynamic catalogue of the highest quality learning activities.

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